I was born in Mantova, a historical city well-known for its outstanding beauty and as the birthplace of the poet Virgilio. For me, however, it will always be the small garden of daisies near Palazzo Te: the clearest memory I have.My father was a manager so we traveled around Italy. I spent my childhood moving from one town to another, living in huge and stately flats: great! But I missed something, despite not knowing what it was.When I was about nine years old we settled in Trieste, an eclectic city squeezed between the sea and the rude landscape of the Carso. I immediately enjoyed the feeling of freedom that those surroundings gave me and I discovered the pleasure of living close to nature.In Trieste, I began playing the piano. Music had always been part of our family life and after touching the keys I realized I could never stop. I had finally found what I was missing: music and nature.












I started studying in the Conservatory and followed a traditional academic course. A few years later, due to an accident, I had to stop all my usual activities. That experience made me stronger and when it was over I changed my priorities: I needed to find a real mentor for my life and music studies. I took lessons with wonderful musicians and teachers but I found what I was looking for in a young pianist who lived on a hill in Central Italy.

I found even more than expected: after a few years he became my husband and now we share an enthusiastic life together.

Enrico and I have a real passion for contemporary music and all kinds of relationship between different arts. We founded a Festival where we could enjoy many projects: we recorded all the four "Makrokosmos" by Crumb together with famous masterpieces; we collaborated and invented shows with dancers, actors, photographers, video makers, painters… shows where the piano had the main role. It was our piano-theatre.



Then, after a period working in a powerful music management agency in the too-hectic London, we turned our life around completely: we bought a derelict house in the open countryside of the Marche, a region no less beautiful but less famous than the nearby Tuscany. We restored it, during which time our children, Elena and Alessandro, were born and we have lived there since 2012. Finally, I found the right atmosphere to focus on my creativity, following the natural rhythm of nature that’s a strong inspiration for me.

We spend our time taking care of our land, orchard, olive and vegetable garden; cultivating our passions and hobbies; reading the writings of Rudolf Steiner who inspires the way we educate our homeschool kids.



Among our hobbies, we love watching movies: both classic and modern, independent or great productions. We have a video-library with several thousand of selected titles.

Since then I have been releasing constantly as an independent: at first, I focus on my performer role playing the composers that most inspire me and pursuing on my covers a new approach and then with my original songs.

Since then I never stop writing: I love writing music, mainly on the piano, to share inspiring stories that moved and deeply involved me with the hope that they resonate with you too.


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