A new approach to Philip Glass’ piano music.

In 2017 Philip Glass celebrated his 80th birthday: this is my personal tribute to this giant of our time. I collected on this album some of his most significant piano works all recorded using the amazing sound of the contemporary piano UNA CORDA.




Performance of the most appealing melodies of the great cinema, all written by Italian or Italian-American composers, played on the piano: from Nino Rota to Ennio Morricone, from Nicola Piovani to Marco Beltrami, from Henry Mancini to Dario Marianelli, till the magic sound of Michael Giacchino who has scored the most famous Walt Disney Cartoons.







It is said that in 1992 when the BBC Radio 3 broadcasted Stanze in the harp version, the phones of the radio station were buzzing with callers asking for the name of the composer. Olivia Belli presents the premiere recording of Stanze in the original piano version composed by Einaudi himself.








A collection of 18 original piano works which takes us through the award-winning composer's eclectic output, embracing his work with the London Philharmonic (Memoryhouse), The Blue Notebooks, Royal Ballet-commissioned Infra and some of his film scores (Departure from The Leftovers, Miss Sloane). The album is recorded using an avant-garde conception instrument thus creating a completely new sound.





Extra Elements consists in four works: the first and the fourth are the two version of Elegy for the Arctic composed by Einaudi to support the Greenpeace campaign Save the Artic and they express, as the composer asserts in the introduction of the sheet music: “… the idea of eternity and fragility that I had felt in that place. The glacier is so immensely powerful, yet on the brink of eradication. This fragility of life is something which we often forget… “; the second and the third works are the two piano solo version, composed by Einaudi himself, of the same songs from the album Elements, Drop and Twice, and they reflect the conviction that “… a musical text is like a living being, constantly evolving and changing, and that with any idea there is an endless potential of transformation.“. The two bonus tracks, abc and Song for Gavin, are two songs for piano solo already included in the album Elements.



“Other Lines” is my first published EP as a composer: the 4 Piano Songs included are part of an extensive work I’m carrying out based on Eugenio Montale’s Poems. I have always been passionate about this outstanding Italian poet : his lines talk about the landscape that surrounds me, the sea, the countryside, the Italian summers…I may recognize myself in his poems, especially for his particular sense and intimacy almost feminine.




MOON RIVER piano version

MY PIANO DOLCE VITA, a journey across

Italian soundtraks

album trailer

MAX RICHTER: Departure

(Lullaby from “The Leftovers”)

MAX RICHTER: Miss Sloane Solo


MAX RICHTER: Written on the Sky

PHILIP GLASS: Metamorphosis Two


PHILIP GLASS: The Poet Acts from The Hours

PHILIP GLASS: Etude n. 5

PHILIP GLASS: Night on the Balcony

OLIVIA BELLI: Quiet White Sky


OLIVIA BELLI: Spiderwebs of Clouds


OLIVIA BELLI: February Never Dies


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