I’m very proud to introduce my new release: a special project, completely different from what I have been doing since now; a work that has absorbed me and I care a lot about.

It is “Four Moons”: 4 Songs for Piano Strings, Electronics, and NASA Space Sounds.

The album is a tribute to the 50° Moon Landing Anniversary.


The First Man on the Moon is one of the most important events in human history. In that summer, July 1969, people from all around the world, different by race, religion, politics, for one night, have lived the same dream. 900 million people were glued to the TV, breathless, and when Neil Armstrong said “Tranquillity Base. The Eagle has landed” the loudest applause ever heard exploded (I wasn’t there, but at the very thought chills go up).

Ah, the Moon, this appealing Lady! She keeps watching on us every night and I never miss to take a look. I was waiting to find the occasion to celebrate her and finally, it arrives!


The song "Full Moon" was broadcasted on BBC 6 Music and KEXP.


Since I was a child, I have lived in homes with plenty of antiques: furniture, paintings, books…This could be a burden for a little girl: it was like living in a museum, surrounded by enchanting objects but I could only look at them without touching and I had to be very careful! Over time I learned to love everything and in the end, it enriched my life.

Antiques always have a story to tell, a memory to hand down; and moreover, they radiate a special vibration, a human vibration that is hard to find in the new objects of our digital age. We will always need this vibration and we may learn it from the past.

I have a particular love for the antique photos: they were taken only in exceptional circumstances, to immortalize special moments of people’s lives.

The three songs of my upcoming EP tell in music about the story of three little women seen on a daguerreotype that has strongly inspired me.

I have called them Gabrielle, Juliette, and Blanchette.


This year brought me a lot of joy and I shared with you my music.

To celebrate my first year as a composer I have a little gift for you: during this weekend, 26/27/28 of April, you can download for free my EP “Where Night Never Comes REMIXES”: a six-songs EP in the electronic version from my debut album remixed by myself.


Tonight at midnight my album “Where Night Never Comes” will be out. It took almost a year to come to light but finally, it is ready to take flight. I’m deeply moved.

There are so many people I should thank for the support: my family, my collaborators, my Kickstarter backers and all of my followers. Without the trust, you all show me every single day it would be much harder to walk this path, but we manage it and now I wish you will enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed doing it!


I'm honored that my album with the Five Metamorphosis by Philip Glass, is released by Orange Mountain Music, the official label of his music based in New York. And even more, I have no words to express my feelings about the fact that he chose a track of mine as Artist's Pick on his Official Spotify Page.

The music of Philip Glass is just creative, that’s why it allows a deeper interaction with the listener: Glass gives us only the first input but any of us should travel a personal journey. That’s the avant-garde of his works.

I pursued a new approach to the interpretation of this masterpiece using the contemporary piano UNA CORDA mancrafted by David Klavins.


It’s so excited that I can finally share with you my first album as a “signed artist”.

It was only last October when my adventure as a composer began, and now, thanks to all your support, I feel proud to have the opportunity to release “River Path” under the label 1631 Recording, worldwide distributed by Decca Publishing /Universal Music Group, from January 2020.

Every Sunday, from december 8th, I will post in premiere on my Instagram Stories the video clip of each song and it will be available only for 24 hours. Don’t miss it: I am waiting for you to walk together along the river and discover its endless and changing force. Listen/Watch.


It was such unexpected news receiving the mail from one of my favorite shows, Unclassified by Elizabeth Alker, and be asked to send over the audio file of my song Still Blue. Much more because this song is a family project: composed and produced with my husband Enrico; cover conceived and hand-painted by our kids Elena and Alessandro.


It was midnight when Elizabeth introduced my music and we were all sitting on the sofa - close to each other - to listen to live the show.

An unforgettable memory!

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